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Auto Accidents

Our litigation attorneys have handled thousands of auto accidents involving millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements. We have represented drivers, passengers, bicyclists and pedestrians after they were injured as a result of another driver’s negligence. Driving is as much a part of most people's lives as eating and sleeping. With so much time on the road and so many drivers, auto accidents seem inevitable. But while some crashes prove minor, many others result in serious injuries or fatalities. In many cases, a car accident is the result of driver distraction or recklessness. From cell phones, to speeding, to substance abuse, certain behaviors put people at risk of being involved in an auto accident. The driver and passengers are not the only ones at risk during a car accident, pedestrians are many times involved and injured. When you have been involved in a car accident you face, at the least, the inconvenience of having to repair your vehicle, and in more severe cases, loss of life or health. Dealing with another driver's insurance provider can be aggravating, and uninsured or underinsured motorists present a new host of problems. If you are involved in a car accident, it is very important to document all necessary information that you would provide to your insurance carrier. Sustained injuries often time call for an auto accident lawsuit and you will need to provide all of the facts to the auto accident attorneys representing your case. If you have been injured in an auto accident, the attorneys at LNTLB can help you with your lawsuit.

Wrongful Death
Losing a loved one is perhaps the most difficult of human experiences. When that loved one's death is caused by someone else's negligence, the family's pain can be redoubled. Mounting medical and funeral costs, lost income, and mental anguish can all interfere with a family's ability to heal. Fortunately, we can help you receive compensation so that you can focus on spending time together instead of worrying.

Products Liability
The law requires products to be designed and manufactured free from defects. Unfortunately, sometimes products fail or do not incorporate appropriate safety devices and cause serious injury or death. Products, from automobiles, bicycles, and toys to common household products, can unexpectedly fail or cause injury. If you have been injured by a defective product contact our offices today.

Premises Liablity – Slip/Trip and Fall
Our lawyers have represented thousands of people injured while at private homes, apartments, businesses, public sidewalks, department and grocery stores and construction sites. These types of cases include trip or slip and falls due to a dangerous condition known to or created by the property or business owner. The injuries typically include fractures of arms, wrists, ankles, legs and shoulder injuries of all types requiring surgical intervention. If you are injured as a result of dangerous condition of which the defendant knew or should have known about or in fact created, then you may have a case against that person or business. Our expertise in this area of law allows us to retain the leading experts in the engineering and safety fields to assist us in the prosecution of your case. If you have been seriously injured as a result of this type of case, please contact our office immediately so that we may begin or investigation promptly.

Dog Bites
Dog attacks can have a devastating and lasting affect on the victim. The emotional and physical scarring that often accompanies these types of attacks can last a lifetime. This is especially tragic if the attack involves minor children. We have handled hundreds of cases involving both adults and children who were violently attacked and severely injured by a dog owned by another person, oftentimes a neighbor or friend. While most dog attacks, or bites, are minor and often playful, resulting in no medical attention, it is important to seek help when you are involved in a serious dog attack. The most important aspect of prosecuting a dog attack case is the preservation of evidence. While California does not require a history of bites and viciousness to support liability, victims must identify the owner of the dog, the owner of the premises the victim was on, and the injuries caused by the bite. If you have been a victim of a dog bite, the Attorneys at LNTLB can help you with the lawsuit.

Construction Accidents
Construction sites pose many dangers to workers and others in the area. Workers often must lift heavy objects, operate large machinery, and perform job duties at elevated heights. Still, proper protocol and safety practices can decrease a worker or passerby's risk of being injured. When someone causes a preventable construction accident through negligence, he or she may be liable for the victim's injuries. For example, a supervisor at a construction site is responsible for enforcing safety measures. Employers of construction workers must properly train their employees. Companies that manufacture construction equipment are liable if their products prove to be defective. If you have been injured in a construction accident, you may be eligible for compensation.

If you have questions regarding a personal injury matter, please contact David J. Lederer or  John A. Nojima, Litigation Partner, by clicking the following link:

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