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Randy Hurwitz
3303 E Baseline Rd. Ste 113
Gilbert, AZ 85234
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Injury Hotline of Hurwitz Law

The Injury Offices of Randy Hurwitz know which experts are needed to prove your claim and can provide them at no out-of-pocket expense to you.

If you do not have health insurance and you would like referrals to top doctors who will not make you pay out of- pocket for good medical care, call 1-888-MAX-CASH Injury Lawyers.

If you are not a detail person or are too busy to contact witnesses, keep a diary or follow other guidelines in a cautious manner, you should consult with a lawyer who specializes in your type of case.

If your case is complex you are more likely to have trouble pursuing it on your own. You will probably only have this happen to you once in your life, and the insurance company knows it. The insurance company's and their attorneys do this hundreds of times each day, which can give them a big advantage.

If your case involves negligence by city, county, state or other government body, handling matters yourself and protecting your rights is extremely difficult due to the amount of red tape.

If you have trouble with the insurance company - they won't return your calls, won't provide you a rental car, won't put offers in writing, etc., it's time to get an experienced lawyer working for you.

In fact the 24 Hr. Professional Injury Law Offices of Randy Hurwitz settles more than 95% of all cases without filing a lawsuit or going to court. Even in the small number of cases where a lawsuit is needed to force insurance companies to be fair, most of these cases are still settled without going to court.

The 24 Hr. Professional Injury Lawyers never even file a lawsuit without your permission.

There is no way you can ever end up owing our law firm any money for legal fees! The Injury Law Offices of Randy Hurwitz accepts cases on a percentage basis. We will work for a percentage of what we get you from the insurance company. We will consult with you and evaluate your case free of charge. We only get paid if we collect from the insurance company. If we cannot get you any money, you never owe us any money. It also provides an incentive for the lawyer to win a good settlement for you and to resolve your case as soon as is reasonably possibly. After repair bills, and any advanced miscellaneous costs have been paid, the remainder is given to you as a cash settlement. Since this money reimburses you for your injuries, pain and suffering, it is nontaxable (except for money you receive for lost wages).

The 24 Hr. Professional Injury Lawyers hope you have learned many important facts from this information. We have a Guidebook available on line ( ) that will assist you with your accident case. We believe the more our clients know, the better we can work together as partners to get through your accident in the most effective way possible. We want to thank the hundreds of clients through the years who we have helped by negotiating millions of dollars in settlements for their injuries. We will be happy to help you when you call us at 1.888.MAX.CASH (1.888.629.2274)
; 24 hrs day or night for FREE phone advice.

About Randy Hurwitz

Randy and his staff have over 50 years of experience handling big cases and making appearances as TV guests on ABC, NBC, and CBS affiliate news programs.

I'm the Managing Attorney for our Injury Law Firm and I have a doctorate degree in psychology. We have expertise in BRAIN INJURIES. We have an in house medical doctor to advise you about the medical issues of your Big Case. Together with our affiliated cocounsel attorneys, we have obtained many MULTIMILLION dollar settlements for clients. If your question involves a Medical Blunder that resulted in serious PERMANENT INJURY or DEATH of a loved one, or a serious BRAIN INJURY, call me immediately for FREE. For FREE fast answers and advice call 1-888-MAX-CASH. For FREE Phone Advice Nationwide Tollfree Day or Night, Call 1-888-629-2274.

Injury Hotline of Hurwitz Law
Gilbert AZ Personal Injury Lawyer

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