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Miller & Zois

Miller & Zois

Miller & Zois are Maryland personal injury attorneys representing clients who have been seriously injured in auto accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, or as the result of medical malpractice in the Baltimore-Washington area. Welcome to our Maryland personal injury motor vehicle accident and medical malpractice web site.

      The purpose of this personal injury web site is threefold. First, our Maryland medical malpractice and accident lawyers seek to provide a resource for the public to provide useful information in dealing with Maryland personal injury accident cases. To accomplish this, our accident and malpractice attorneys have designed the site so that it “talks” to you. This web site provides real answers to real questions facing serious injury victims who may have a personal injury case in Maryland, not merely a listing of the kind of cases our accident lawyers handle with obvious information available on any other web site. Instead, our Maryland lawyers provide information on the handling of personal injury cases in Maryland that helps accident and malpractice victims better understand the maze of the law governing auto accident, truck acccidents, motorcycle accidents and medical malpractice (including nursing home cases) in Maryland. Our injury attorneys set out to demystify the complexities of a Maryland personal injury lawsuit begins and ends, providing an easy to understand summary of what malpractice and accident attorneys and clients do throughout the various stages of the legal process. Our personal injury lawyers provide detailed explanations of many terms and concepts that recur in personal injury accident cases in Maryland involving cars, trucks and motorcycles such as personal injury protection insurance, uninsured motorist coverage, recorded statements and Maryland's collateral source rule. Our attorneys also provide a detailed explanation of how insurance companies and Maryland accident lawyers determine the settlement and trial value of your case. We also provide detailed analysis of the pros and cons of filing personal injury cases in specific venues by providing an review of specific Maryland counties, such as Baltimore City, Prince George's County, Baltimore County, Anne Arundel County, Montgomery County, Howard County, Wicomico County (Salisbury) and Calvert County. Although Miller & Zois’ personal injury attorneys handle accident and medical malpractice cases outside of Maryland, the majority of our lawyers' cases are in the Baltimore-Washington area; accordingly, this site focuses on personal injury accident law in Maryland. Because the law in Maryland is frequently changing, our accident attorneys make regular additions to the web site.

     The second purpose of this site is to serve as a resource for
law students and Maryland personal injury lawyers practicing in Maryland. For accident and medical malpractice lawyers, this site's Maryland Personal Injury Help Center has a wealth of information about the practice of personal injury law, including recent Maryland law updates, a glossary of Maryland insurance terms and how those terms are viewed by the Maryland courts and statutes, a fantastic article written by attorney Laura G. Zois on the handling of auto accident claims in Maryland (which is given to every lawyer who joins the auto negligence section of the Maryland Trial Lawyers Association as a member benefit), and just practical things such as sample pleadings, sample discovery, sample depositions, sample motions, jury instructions and how they are used in Maryland, and sample motions in limine to provide Maryland personal injury lawyers with the tools to keep out of evidence at trial in personal injury accident and medical malpractice cases those things that a jury should not hear because the client would be unduly prejudiced. Our lawyers recently added an additional Maryland personal injury attorney help section dedicated to assisting other lawyers at trial in Maryland personal injury accident and medical malpractice cases. Our lawyers further provide analysis of legal issues that relate to the handling of auto accident, truck accident, medical malpractice and nursing home abuse and neglect cases on the Maryland Personal Injury Lawyer Blog. The blog is directed primarily to personal injury lawyers in the Baltimore Washington area but may also be of interest to accident and medical malpractice victims who want to learn more about the litigation process and the issues facing their lawyers. Miller & Zois attorney Ronald V. Miller, Jr. also provides education materials for his Maryland Insurance Law students at the University of Baltimore School of Law.

      The final purpose of this web site for is to provide accident victims with an introduction to the Maryland personal injury attorneys and staff at Miller & Zois, including our lawyers, background, experience and qualifications, the type of personal injury accident and medical malpractice cases our lawyers handle, and our Maryland attorneys remarkable success at achieving results for our clients both at trial and at the settlement table. If you have come to our web site because you are seeking the services of a Maryland personal injury lawyer in the Baltimore Washington area, we suggest that you move slowly through the site to learn as much about our Maryland lawyers as you can, and do the same for other Maryland personal injury lawyers to find the accident or medical malpractice lawyers whose background, experience, and philosophy best suit you and your personal injury accident case.

      Our personal injury atttorneys at Miller & Zois have years of experience in dealing with insurance companies and handling accident and medical malpractice claims. Most of our lawyers used to work for the same insurance companies that we now fight on behalf of our injured clients everyday. In fact, Lawyers Weekly USA, the only weekly legal periodical in the country, characterized the benefits of our lawyers' training with the insurance companies writing that as "former insurance defense lawyers, Miller & Zois knows the other side's playbook." Consequently, our personal injury lawyers are very familiar with the techniques that the insurance companies use to deny personal injury victims fair compensation. If you are injured in a serious accident or are the victim of medical malpractice, you need your own team of lawyers to protect you. If you have any questions of our personal injury lawyers, you can reach us at 800-553-8082. For a free Internet consultation with a Maryland personal injury lawyer, click here.

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Please Call Us Today : 410-53-6000

Please Call Us Today : 410-53-6000

Miller & Zois
Baltimore MD Personal Injury Lawyer

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