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James Ballidis
4400 MacArthur Blvd. Ste 370
Newport Beach, CA 92660
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Allen, Flatt, Ballidis & Leslie

Allen, Flatt, Ballidis & Leslie

My Name is James Ballidis of Allen, Flatt, Ballidis & Leslie.  We handle auto accident cases, personal injury motorcycle accidents bicycle, truck, pedestrian and product liability cases.  I have been working for injured victims since the beginning of my career in 1985. The firm has existed 10 more years than I have practiced.  I chose this area of law because people are not only the victim of carelessness causing injury, but also at times become the victim of our legal system, big business, and less than honest attorneys. It is therefore my life’s work to focus on those injured in an accident - by a product or by another. I offer to all clients, whether a large case or small case, compassionate, thorough and experienced legal advice and representation, so that each client can obtain the best resolution of their circumstances.

It is not just the money that clients worry about, but also their future, their health and their ability to plan for these concerns. Our experiences have offered us the opportunity to counsel many injured people, some very tragically, and help them, through our knowledge and experience, grasp and solve many of the legal and non-legal issues that come with injury.

Over the years, my representation of clients has led me to settle or submit to arbitration or trial several hundred cases. See our web page link for a listing or further in this section,
Our Successes.

I have been fortunate and successful in gaining substantial verdicts for those seriously injured. My track Record of successes includes a verdict for 2.8 million just last year and other multi-million dollar resolutions as well as the small, yet important cases affecting many in California and Orange County. I hope to continue to achieve our focus, to provide meaningful, professional, and quality help to those most in need.

Robert Allen Started the firm over 30 years ago in Newport Beach, California and dedicated himself to helping injured victims. When I graduated law school, I did not intend to be an "Ambulance Chaser," and accepted a lucrative opportunity in business litigation. I met Mr. Allen, just after accepting the business position. Before starting my new career, he invited me to learn what a good lawyer can do for victims, how I would be wasted representing business and that not all personal injury attorneys are worthy of the term "Ambulance Chaser." He asked if I really wanted to help others. He promised me that if I did not like the work, he would see I was well placed after 1 year. I started with this firm and never left, because of the satisfaction I gained in the practice. I eventually became the senior litigation attorney, later the president, and finally the owner.

Activities and Awards
I have been a Judge Pro Tem for the Orange County Superior Court where I have assisted other attorneys in the settlement of their cases. I am proud of one case in particular. I assisted the attorneys in settlement of a case where both parties were so diametrically opposed, they did not even want to sit in the same room together. I offered a real, frank appraisal to both attorneys and apparently my experience carried some weight with both. We broke down the resistance to discussion and they began to see the other side’s points. Eventually, after two days, we settled that case.

I am AV rated in Martindale-Hubbell, an independent rating firm in the US of all attorneys. I hold the highest rating for preeminence and ethics that the institution can provide. The ratings are actually obtained by what my opponents and judges have to say about me, rather than by what I tell them. I have held this honor for more than 10 years for my trial skills, advocacy and experience.

I have undergone extensive training in Advanced Trial Advocacy, at the Hastings College of Trial Advocacy. This 4-day process places candidates in real trial situations before a panel of judges and each step is critiqued to improve the advocate skills. There are only two colleges in the Country that I am aware of that offer this training.

I have been fortunate against some of the best attorneys in California over my career. In one such example, a Lawyer of 30 years, featured in California Super Lawyers Magazine (February 2005) as a "Super" insurance defense lawyer, was ranked among California's 100 most influential lawyers, as "smart, quick, and agile; I wouldn't want to go up against him in court." This "Super" lawyer is now the managing partner of an 80-lawyer insurance defense firm with offices throughout California.

Of the more than 150 jury trials in this "Super Lawyer's" career he had only had three losses. I was successful in winning one of the three jury verdicts against this lawyer. Additionally, this lawyer noted that my verdict against him was the largest verdict that had ever been rendered against him.

We have handled many cases over the years that other attorneys did not want because they could not be paid. In one case currently pending, our client was a victim of fraud in the purchase of a house. The purchaser used our client’s name to get a loan and lived in the house without our client’s knowledge and without paying under the mortgage. Our client later found out he was being unfairly pursued by this lender for a judgment. He had no money to pay a lawyer to straighten it out. We have successfully gotten a waiver of the claim from the lender, and a judgment against the person defrauding my client. Of course that person has no money and so no attorney would help him except us. It was the right thing to do.

For a complete listing of all accomplishments and certifications, please see our website,
Allen Flatt Ballidis & Leslie, Inc.

Call : 949-752-7474

Call : 949-752-7474

Allen, Flatt, Ballidis & Leslie
Highly rated personal injury lawyer orange county

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