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Frank Waters
5287 Highway 95, Suite D
Mohave, AZ 86426
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Frank T. Waters, Attorney at Law, PLLC

Frank T. Waters, Attorney at Law, PLLC

Please Call: 928-768-1105

Please see our website at for detailed service areas and biography.  We look forward to speaking with you for a free consultation. 

What We Do 

This personal touch is what seperates us from the rest.  At our firm, we believe in offering professional, courteous, and complete representation regardless of your legal needs, but what we offer, that most do not, is a personal commitment.  In many firms, you hire the named attorney, but are never able to speak to him or her again.  All aspects of your case are shuffled off to secretaries.  They never call you or return your calls.  When you do get someone on the phone, they have no idea who you are.  Frequent office turnover complicates the situation. 

That will not happen with us.  Mr. Waters is personally involved in every single case in the office.  He does not take a case unless he personally believes in it and has the time to work on it himself.  He will not shuffle you off to a secretary.  When you call, you will be able to speak with him personally.  He will know you by name.  He will be personally familiar with your case and ready to answer your questions.  Frequently, the difference between winning and losing a case is the familiarity of the attorney with the facts of the case.  No matter how well an attorney may know the law, if he or she does not know the facts of the case, they cannot possibly present your case in its strongest light.  The personal involvement of Mr. Waters in your case is why you should choose this firm for your legal needs. 


Frank T. Waters was born in Mesa, and is a fourth-generation native Arizonan with ties back to Old Tombstone and the original settlers of Southeastern Arizona.  In fact, his great grandfather Henry Alec Waters was "the first white child born in Cochise County" as printed on his birth certificate.  Henry's mother operated the local bakery frequented by Doc Holiday, Wyatt, Virgil, and Morgan Earp, and the Clantons and McLaurys; and his father was a U.S. Calvaryman.   Frank's father and grandfather were both born in Southeastern Arizona, and his mother was born in Prescott.  Her family has also been in the Southwest for 100 years.  With such extensive family ties to Arizona, Frank T. Waters is in a unique position to understand the needs of Arizona families, and the State's legal and political structure. 


Frank T. Waters has strong ties to the local community.  Prior to opening his own office, Frank was a local public school teacher at both the Elementary and Junior high levels.  In addition to his teaching, he also coached Football each year.  He  assisted in various school activities including taking the Science Club to the Grand Canyon and fundraising at the Cornfest.  He has since become involved in Kiwanis.  As an Eagle Scout, he is supportive of his sons' boy scout troop.  He is active in his local church, where he works with teenage boys as a teacher and mentor.  His wife is a Math teacher at River Valley High school, and his three children attend local schools

After leaving education, Frank T. Waters worked in Personal Injury, Probate and Estate Planning and other practice areas of an extremely busy law firm.  The high caseload and rigors of the work precluded individualized attention.  The lack of personal attention to each client's case was the deciding factor in opening his own firm. 

As a client of Frank T. Waters, you will receive personalized attention directly from Frank, and will not be shuffled off to a secretary or other employee.  Our mission is to treat each client with the respect they deserve, and guarantee them the personal service and continuity of the attorney they hire.  At our firm, the attorney you hire personally works on all aspects of your case from start to finish. 


Frank T. Waters holds both Bachelor's and Master's degrees from Northern Arizona University in Southwestern History with additional focus on Political Science and Education.  He went to The University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) School of Law, which recently hosted the Obama/McCain Presidential debate.  This highly traditional school is the fourth oldest Law School in the United States, and has been called the "Harvard of the South."  Ole Miss provided Frank with an unmatchable law school education as he benefitted from the expertise of Johnny Cochran, Bobby DeLaughter and Myrlie Evers (Ghosts of Mississippi), and Alumnus John Grisham.  

Attending Law school with three children was rigorous, but Frank still found time to enjoy watching a young Eli Manning and the rest of the Ole Miss football team whenever occasion permitted.  Frank's favorite areas in law school included torts (injury law), wills/estates, alternative dispute resolution including mediation and settlements, and bankruptcy.  Frank has brought his personal interests to his firm as he focuses on these areas of law. 

Please Call: 928-768-1105

Frank T. Waters, Attorney at Law, PLLC
Mohave AZ Personal Injury Lawyer

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