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personal injury lawyers

Personal Injury lawyers

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Common types of injury

There are four main types of soft tissue injury. These are:

  • Sprains, in which a ligament becomes overstretched or torn.

  • Strains, in which muscles or tendons become overstretched and possibly torn.

  • Ruptures, in which overstretching of a muscle of tendon causes a complete tear.

  • Deep bruising or haematoma, in which a large amount of blood seeps into the tissues of a muscle following a direct blow.

Generally speaking sprains and strains aren’t classed as severe injuries however ruptures and haematomas are, and if caused through an accident they can qualify for soft tissue injury compensation.

Degrees of damage for soft tissue injuries

If, following an accident, a soft tissue injury claim is made then evidence of the degree of injury will be needed. Simply put doctors class soft tissue injuries on a scale of one to three as follows:

  • First-degree or mild – this is characterised by a slight overstretch of a ligament or a light direct blow to a muscle. The patient might notice a small amount of bruising or swelling and may suffer mild pain when the affected area is moved. Generally there is no loss of function though.

  • Second-degree or moderate – this is characterised by a moderate overstretching of a ligament or a blow to muscle hard enough to cause the tearing of some fibres. Any swelling or bruising is more pronounced and the patient suffers a reasonable amount of pain on movement. Because of this, function is often impaired to a degree.

  • Third-degree or severe – this type of soft tissue injury is associated with a severe overstretch of a ligament or a muscle blow that results in a complete tear. Severe pain is felt by the patient along with a significant amount of bruising and/or swelling. Often, function of the affected area is noticeably impaired and can remain so for a lengthy period of time.

Moderate and severe injuries that occur as the result of an accident, and especially those that occur as the result of an accident on the road or in the workplace, can often qualify for soft tissue injury compensation. Evidence of the injury is required from a practicing doctor, as is any evidence of how the injury has impaired everyday life, but providing the injury is genuine and in some way debilitating there is no reason why a soft tissue injury claim can’t be successfully made.

The benefits of compensation

Very few people who suffer with soft tissue injuries as a result of road or workplace accidents know that they can in fact make a claim for compensation. They simply carry on working while in pain and discomfort or they struggle through on benefits until they are well enough to return to work. This doesn’t have to be the case though because compensation for this type of injury is obtainable and there are dedicated solicitors available to help wherever you are.


Please Call : 0845-6188-448


5 Things to Consider before making a Personal Injury Claim after a Car Accident

Being involved in a car accident is stressful in its own right but suffering an injury can make the situation seem so much worse. If you have been involved in an accident and it wasn’t your fault you may be entitled to car accident compensation, but think before you make a claim as it might not be as straightforward as you think.

Are you entitled to make a road accident claim?

Before putting in a personal injury claim you need to consider whether you are actually entitled to claim. In simple terms, a claim can be made if your car accident was caused fully or partially by the driver of the other vehicle. If it was your fault then you won’t be able to claim for personal injury.

1. Were you injured badly enough to require medical treatment?

This may seem like a silly question but a lot of people who claim for car accident compensation aren’t injured badly enough to require medical treatment. They just report their injuries on the claim form. Unfortunately these people often fail to realise that the solicitor or insurance company of the other driver (the one they are claiming against) have the right to ask for their medical records, and without them the claim will probably be dismissed.

2. Were you partly to blame?

If you agree that you were partly to blame for your car accident you will both (you and the other driver) be reported in the claim as being ‘partially responsible’. This is fine and it doesn’t stop you from making a personal injury claim. Remember though that the other driver may well counter-claim against you and if their injuries are worse than yours it could affect you more.

3. Have your injuries affected you financially?

Did the injuries you sustained as a result of your car accident mean you had to take time off work? Have you suffered financially as a result? If you have then it may help you to make a personal injury claim, even if your injuries weren’t reported to a medical professional.

4. Have you got some specialist help?

Car accident compensation claims aren’t always straightforward so it makes sense to work with a professional who specialises in the area of personal injury claims. You can of course claim privately but there are hundreds of bits of legislation that you may not know about but that could invalidate your claim. A specialist advisor will be able to tell you right from the start whether you have a valid claim or whether you are wasting your time.

5. Is your specialist advisor working on a ‘no win no fee’ basis?

If you’ve already contacted a personal injury lawyer about your claim but you haven’t as yet put in a claim, have you checked that it will be made on a no win no fee basis? This proviso covers you against incurring huge bills in the event you lose the compensation claim and gives you the added bit of confidence you may need to get the ball rolling on your personal injury claim.     

Please Call : 0845-6188-448

personal injury lawyers
Cadriff WA Personal Injury Lawyer

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