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Ray McElfish
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McElfish Law Firm

McElfish Law Firm

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Personal Injury Lawyer Los Angeles

McElfish Law Firm specializes in litigation and trial of all different types of personal injury cases, for individuals and insurers as follows:
•Wrongful death
•Catastrophic injury
•Trucking accidents
•Auto accidents
•Motorcycle accident lawyer los angeles
•Spinal injuries and paralysis
•Traumatic brain injuries
•Burn injuries
•Eye injuries/vision claims
•Emotional/psychological injuries
•Motor vehicle/automobile accidents
•Mass transit/bus accidents
•Pedestrian accidents
•Motorcycle accidents
•Bicycle accidents
•Aviation accidents
•Watercraft/boating accidents
•Slip and fall accidents (personal injury lawyer Los Angeles)
Dog bites
•Assault and battery cases
•Security cases/forcible removal
•Injuries to children
•Workplace accidents
•Ironworker/scaffold accidents
•Construction site accidents
•Restaurant claims/food borne illnesses
•Liquor liability/dram shop cases

After conducting in-depth pre-trial investigations, we make full-use of innovative litigation strategies involving cutting edge technologies, computer analysis and simulations. The firm works with a wide network of distinguished expert witnesses and consultants with expertise in bio mechanics, accident reconstruction, design safety and materials analysis who can capably testify in trial on the most complicated matters.  Personal injury lawyer Los Angeles.  Located in West Hollywood, CA.

For over 20 years, we have been representing parties in auto accidents in Los Angeles.  Generally, the at-fault driver is liable for the damages and their insurance company pays the expenses.  Proving fault and liability is how to win a case and that’s what a trail lawyer does.  As a personal injury lawyer Los Angeles, McElfish Law Firm handles cases involving physical injuries- neck, back, spinal cord injuries, as well as emotional injuries and wrongful death cases.

Auto accidents can cause debilitating effects and permanent injury, loss of earnings and medical expenses.  Dealing in auto accident cases, there are many ways to provide evidence to prove the negligence of the defendant.  McElfish Law Firm conducts extensive pre-trail investigation and uses innovative litigation strategies.  The firm has a large legal network of expert witnesses and consultants.  Obtain counsel from a competent personal injury lawyer Los Angeles to protect your interest and rights, to maximize your compensation and to hold the responsible party accountable.

 The difference- insurance litigation is complex.  McElfish Law Firm has an insurance background and has won 100’s of insurance related cases.  As an auto accident attorney Los Angeles, the firm represents both individuals and insurance companies with an extensive track record of settlements and verdicts. 

Call 310-659-4900

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Los Angeles

McElfish Law Firm represents individuals in motorcycle accidents in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. Motorcycles are dangerous. About 80% of motorcycle accidents result injury or wrongful death. Motorcycles have a higher fatality rate than other motor vehicles.  A big reason is that the motorcycle does not provide protection to the operator. Many times the motorcyclist will be thrown from the bike and into traffic or hit the opposing vehicle. Many motorcyclists do not wear the correct clothing/equipment to minimize injury. Los Angeles has the highest rate of motorcycle accidents. There are so many crowded roadways and operators with different levels of experience. There are many distractions. California is the only state where lane splitting is legal. Personal injury lawyer Los Angeles. 

Ask a Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer, lane splitting is when a two-wheeled vehicle splits between two lanes of traffic on a public roadway. Lane splitting can be done in moving traffic or stopped traffic. It is dangerous because the motorcycle is very close to other vehicles and wheels and many times are not seen by other vehicles. Motorcycles because of their narrow width are able to pass between lanes of traffic if there is a wide enough gap.

At night a motorcycles single headlight is harder to see. When a motorcycle is turning at an intersection, it can be hard for other motorists to see the motorcycle.   Motorcycle accident attorney Los Angeles.

Other drivers are unaware of them as they can get into blind spots and are more susceptible to dangerous road conditions like water, gravel, cracks and potholes. 

•More than half of motorcycle accidents involve riders with fewer than 5 months of motorcycle experience.
•Nighttime is more dangerous for motorcycles.
•The most common motorcycle accident is when a car cuts in front of the motorcycle making a left turn.
•Wear reflective gear.
•There is not really any information for the public on motorcycle lane splitting. Non-motorcyclist don’t really understand the risks and benefits of lane splitting other than they do not like motorcycles so close to their vehicle. 
•Many motorcyclists now wear cameras on their helmet for evidence in an accident.  Motorcycle accident lawyer Los Angeles

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There are many motorcycle types.  Standard motorcycles are the most common.  The tires of standard motorcycles are smoother with a lighter tread pattern.  The engines are usually 125cc.  Standard motorcycles are also called Roadsters.  They have a more upright position and more it’s more natural then other bikes.  Standard motorcycles are generally more versatile and affordable.

A sport bike is a widely used type of motorcycle.  The sports bike frame is lighter weight and has a better fuel economy.  Generally they are less comfortable than a standard style motorcycle.  Sports bikes tend to be more expensive.  They also have larger engines than standard motorcycles.  Their design is more rigid.  The materials used are usually of better quality and lightweight.   Sport bike components are usually of higher performance.  Foot pegs are placed differently for better cornering.

Another popular type of motorcycle is the cruising bike.  These are the Harley Davidsons.  The engines are different than sports bikes as the cruising bike has low end torque.  The rider leans back in a cruiser with feet forward.  The handle bars are raised and seat is back.  There is limited ground clearance. The components and gas tank are usually small compared to other bikes.  A cruising bike is more for looks.  Choppers are a form of cruiser motorcycle that tapers down at the tail end.  These are usually custom bikes and come in many different styles.  Motorcycle accident lawyer Los Angeles. 

Touring motorcycles are designed for long distance rides.  They have large engines with weather protectant features.  They have large compartments for luggage.  There is a lot of room for a passenger in an upright seating position.  A cross between the two is sport touring motorcycles.  The riding position is different between a touring and sports bike.  Personal injury attorney Los Angeles. 

Dual sport bikes work both on and off road.  They are very similar to dirt bikes in look and have added features to make them street legal.  They function on both dirt and gravel as well as paved roads.

Scooters and mopeds are smaller than motorcycles.  They have smaller engines and are quieter.  The automatic transmission makes it easier to ride for novices.  The engine parts are typically covered.  A moped is a cross between a bicycle and a motorcycle.  A moped has a 2 stroke engine usually 50cc.

Call 310-659-4900


Practice Areas 

•     Catastrophic Accident Litigation

•     Trucking and Transportation Litigation

•     Bad Faith Insurance Litigation

•Boston University School of Law, J.D., 1991
•University of Maryland, B.A., 1988    Trial Lawyer 23 years


Mr. McElfish opened his law firm McElfish Law Firm in New York City almost 25 years ago.  He opened his Los Angeles office in 2002 and has been headquartered in West Hollywood, California.  Since law school, he has litigated and tried to verdict hundreds of catastrophic accident cases, including trucking, general liability, products liability and bad faith insurance cases.

In addition, he has been a member of every prominent trial lawyer organization and has been a featured speaker in at least 25 organizational meetings.  He has published in every area of his practice and is considered one of the preeminent trial lawyers in Southern California today.   

In addition, he is a semi-professional stand up comedian, a regular at the Laugh Factory in Los Angeles, the Hollywood Improv and the Santa Barbara Comedy Hideway.  He has performed and taped for the Fox television show “Laughs” and was a featured speaker at the annual Mensa meeting in Los Angeles on the subject “Comedy In the Courtroom” chronicling how humor is present in all aspects of lawsuits and every walk of life if you know where to look.

Call 310-659-4900

McElfish Law Firm
Los Angeles CA Personal Injury Lawyer

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