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John Hamasaki
1388 Sutter Street, Suite 805
San Francisco, CA 94109
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Hamasaki Law

Hamasaki Law

Call : 415-525-4245

Hamasaki Law was established with the goal of providing vigorous civil and criminal defense to individuals under investigation or facing criminal charges. As one of the most recognized attorneys in the counties of San Francisco, Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Mateo, Santa Clara, and Sonoma, we will be able to fight for you throughout the difficult process of facing criminal charges . You need a criminal defense lawyer with the strength to stand beside you and defend your position.

Hamasaki Law maintains its position as top civil litigation and criminal defense attorneys by adhering strictly to our core principles.


  • Earn our reputation every day with every client: Our clients come first. While no one else can understand how difficult it is to be the one facing criminal charges or fighting to protect your rights and interests, we do our best to ease the burden by keeping our clients informed and updated throughout the process. We will always be forthright and honest about the progress and work together to find the best outcome.

  • Take on the toughest cases: When things are at their worst, we are at our best. Hamasaki Law has earned a reputation for taking on the toughest cases and obtaining successful outcomes. Our defense attorneys win because we prepare our cases using the best investigators, strongest litigators and cutting-edge forensic scientific techniques.

  • Prepare each case for trial: It doesn't matter whether you are facing a simple misdemeanor, life in prison, or a difficult lawsuit, our attorneys begin preparing each case for trial from the minute we are retained. While most cases resolve through either dismissal or a negotiated settlement agreement, we believe that preparing every case for trial ensures the best result by uncovering and analyzing the evidence that we need to succeed at trial.

  • Accept only the best result for our clients: Our first and most important principle is to work relentlessly each and every day to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients. We dedicate ourselves to working harder, smarter and better than any other defense firm. investigating, negotiating and litigating in new and novel ways and winning cases that never been won. Our results speak for themselves.

  • Take on only cases where we can make a difference: While we handle all criminal offenses, we only take on cases where we can make a difference. We aren't going to take on a client where we do not believe that there is something that we can do that will change their case for the positive.

  • Take tough cases to trial: We go to trial in tough cases. While we will always work tirelessly to secure a dismissal or a fair negotiated resolution, some cases simply have to go to trial. When they do, Hamasaki Law is prepared to fight your case and maintain our record of success at trial.

  • Build our reputation every day in court: We fight hard, but fair. Our reputation with judges and prosecutors allows us to achieve the best results for our clients. We treat everyone with respect and dignity and demand the same for our clients.

Call : 415-525-4245

Trial Attorney and Founder of Hamasaki Law – John Hamasaki


John Hamasaki is a civil rights and criminal defense attorney and the founder of Hamasaki Law. Through his relentless work on behalf of his clients, John has become one of the top criminal defense attorneys in Northern California. While some of his more prominent cases have generated media interest, John focuses each and every day on maintaining discretion as he represents individuals from all walks of life, from the working class to professionals at the top of their careers. 

His guiding principle is to litigate each case as if the client’s life is on the line because even the smallest case can have a profound impact on individuals, their families and their careers. 

John has built the practice with a focus on defending constitutional protections in complex criminal cases implicating civil rights and civil liberties. Notable recent cases include the defense of a member of the PayPal 14, a federal computer crimes prosecution of the computer hacktivist group "Anonymous" and representation of rapper Laz Tha Boy in a prominent case involving the use of rap lyrics as criminal evidence.

John's work as an attorney has been recognized by organizations such as Super Lawyers an d Best 40 Under 40. He also maintains a perfect rating 10 on Avvo. 

In addition to regular speaking engagements on issues of criminal justice, John has maintained a focus on giving back to the community through public service including:

  • Board of Directors for the Asian American Bar Association
  • Board of Directors for the Barristers Club of the Bar Association of San Francisco
  • Board of Governors for the California Attorneys for Criminal Justice
  • Co-Chair of the Criminal Law & Government Investigations of the Barristers Club for the Bar Association of San Francisco
  • Coach for the College Track Mock Trial Program

John's public service also includes extensive pro bono work through the National Lawyers Guild representing individuals prosecuted as a result of their participation in political protests and demonstrations.


Call : 415-525-4245

Hamasaki Law
San Francisco CA Personal Injury Lawyer

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